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The Other Mother

"An electrifyingly complex and explosively gripping portrait of contemporary, have-it-all motherhood."

- Booklist

"Gross's third novel documents the front lines of the Mommy Wars, but its real strength lies is exposing the complex inner battlefields motherhood can open up."

- Publisher's Weekly

"Editor's Choice"

- RedBook magazine

"The battle of The Other Mother is a dark look into everything that tears us apart and brings us closest together."

- Dame magazine

"A must-read for mothers with literary interest."

- The Roanoke Times

"The depth of Gross' portraits, and the nobility she imbues both moms with, renders a thoughtful account of how, for modern mothers, there is no easy choice."

- Boston Now

Getting Out

"A winning novel from the author of Field Guide."

- Booklist

"Funny, touching, and exhilarating."

- Publishers Weekly

“Even committed couch potatoes should enjoy the graceful blending of outdoor adventuring and wry immersion in family dynamics that distinguishes this engaging second novel by Gross.”

- Kirkus Reviews

"Gross captures the erotic freshness of woods and avid outdoorsmen with perfect clarity.”

- Christian Science Monitor


“Witty, smart, and inspiring, Getting Out chronicles the adventures in love, family, and the great outdoors of its unique and engaging heroine, Hannah Blue.”

- Jenny McPhee, author of The Center of Things

Field Guide

“Credible and inspiring.”

- Booklist

“The certitudes of scientific research yield to the unsolvable mysteries of emotional connection in this accomplished debut. Gross's deceptively spare style glistens with pungent language and precise aperçus.”

- Publisher's Weekly

“Stunning. A remarkable debut.”

-—Kirkus Reviews (starred)

“This beautifully written debut novel offers appealing characters and provides a unique view into the sensuous scientific world of field study with all of its attendant hardships and marvels. Recommended for all public libraries.” —

- Library Journal


“A compelling, quirky winner.”

- Glamour magazine

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